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Terms of use of the forum

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      Hello, please take a moment to read this message.

      The organization of the forum allows better mutual assistance of users. So, by respecting our Terms of Service, you have a better chance of getting your questions answered quickly.

      Before asking a question

      The use of the Search function as a first and essential step to ensure that a similar question has not been asked previously. If your search does not give a relevant result, you can then ask your question respecting the points below.

      Give as much detail as possible about your problem

      Equipment : Please indicate on each new subject the description and references of the PC, motherboard, Graphic card, Hard disk, modem, etc…
      Software : operating system, problematic software, software in the background, etc…
      Software manipulations : last changes made before the incident, latest installed programs, last modified configuration parameter, etc…
      Material handling : last connections made, possible overclocking, processor temperature, etc…
      Errors : Possible error messages appearing on the screen or “bips” equipment

      The more precise and detailed your message is, the faster and more relevant the answers will be…

      The subject of your message must be clear and explicit

      Make the subject reflect the content of your post. Avoid titles like “Watch this…” or “Urgent !!!”.
      Write your messages in your respective correct and intelligible language (do not use abbreviations such as SMS or other phonetic scripts).
      Check your spelling.

      Politeness and respect

      Respect the good atmosphere on this forum.
      Respect those who know a little less than you.
      Don't write in all caps. It is very badly perceived, not very readable.
      Do not put overly large images or graphic banners, they affect readability, slow down the display of pages and lead to overconsumption of bandwidth.
      The moderator removes any message containing insults or all forms of discrimination that may go as far as the ban of the author.

      Your problem is solved?

      Edit your FIRST subject post about your problem, and add [resolved] On title, then click on “To send”

      Do not use your signature or messages to advertise

      Indeed, if you wish a partnership contact the webmaster or propose your link in the appropriate section of the site.
      Are considered advertisements :
      Messages having for sole purpose the visit of a site by the readers of the message
      Links that do not illustrate an explanation in the message or in any way provide a solution to any of the problems mentioned in the discussion.
      Links to profit-making sites affiliated or not with the author of the message

      Are prohibited on this forum

      Images or links to pornographic sites,
      Images or links inciting racial hatred or slander,
      Links to sites encouraging, explaining methods or allowing the illegal copying or use of software and multimedia works (warez, patch no-cd, cracks, serials, etc…),
      Links to sites inciting or allowing the unauthorized intrusion of a person or program on a computer,

      Our team will always be happy to help you by answering your questions on the forum

      In case of doubt as to the interpretation of these conditions of use, contact us via the contact page

      In the event of non-compliance with this charter, and at the discretion of the moderation and administration team,
      your message will eventually and depending on the case, edited, Locked, moved or deleted.

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