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Windows 10 professional displays all the characteristics of the Windows license 10 Family but the OS is also enriched with a whole range of features intended for professional use.

It is an operating system that contains business oriented tools. You can download it as an ISO file (content for a CD or DVD, or even on a USB key) which will allow you to install it. The download is done directly on the Microsoft website. You can also use Windows 10 Media Creation Tool if you are on an older version of the operating system. Installation is simple thanks to a specific wizard that guides you as it progresses.

So you will benefit from the fast start, management of applications in the form of tiles via the main menu (start menu), management of 4K and DirectX graphics 12 (with suitable material). It can therefore read any type of media easily (with suitable material). All types of devices are supported (especially the different USB), and the interface handles multiscreen very well. Of course you will have access to Microsoft Update which will take care of downloading and installing all updates..


Windows 10 Professional

System : 32/64
Language : Multilingual
Cut : x64 4,9 GO – x86 3,6 Go
Format : ISO

Windows 10 Pro is the version (licence) Microsoft operating system professional. It embeds the same characteristics of the Family version and adds others more geared towards professionals.

How to install Windows 10 ?

– Method A

  1. Download Windows ISO Image 10 x64 or x86
  2. Download Rufus
  3. insert a usb stick (more than 4 Go).
  4. launch Rufus and choose your iso image.
  5. Create the bootable key.
  6. Start the pc on your USB key.

– Method B

  1. Download the Microsoft tool then choose Run.
  2. On the License Terms page, click Accept if you agree to these terms.
  3. On the page What do you want to do ?, select Upgrade this PC now, then click Next.
  4. When you have downloaded and installed, the tool will guide you to configure Windows 10 on your pc.

How to activate Windows 10 ?

  1. Disable the antivirus (Windows defender) and create an exclusion in Windows defender for the download directory.
  2. Telecharger Windows Activator 10
  3. after extracting all the archives, create an exclusion for AutoPico.exe which is in the “portable” folder .
  4. double click on AutoPico.exe wait a few seconds.

How to get a Windows license 10 legal ?

You also have the option of purchasing a legal license Windows 10 cheap via this link Windows 10 (recommended)

Complete Tutorial

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  1. Téléchargercool

    1 - deactivate the antivirus (Windows defender) and create an exclusion in Windows defender for the download directory and download the file.
    2 - Also download WINRAR or 7zip to extract the archive.
    3 - after extracting all the archives create an exclusion for kmspico.exe which is in the “portable” folder in KP.zip.
    4 - after installing Windows launch kmspico.exe.


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