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Windows 7 is the new born and sequel to Windows Vista, Microsoft's flagship operating system. This is the Integral version. Windows 7 is available as a full download as an ISO image.

Windows 7 is an operating system of the Microsoft company, released on 22 October 2009 and successor to Windows Vista.
This version of Windows incorporates the acquis of Windows Vista while making many changes, in particular by various changes in the interface and general ergonomics, a particular effort for the transparent management of mobile machines and the concern to improve the overall performance of the operating system (fluidity, speed of execution even on less efficient systems, such netbooks) compared to its predecessor.

By identifying this version by its version number (this is the seventh version of Windows), Microsoft returns to a logic abandoned since Windows 3.2 and Windows NT 4.0. Traditionally, Windows versions were identified by reference to the year of release (Windows 95…) or by an ad hoc name (Windows XP or Windows Vista). However, Windows 7 is based on NT kernel 6.1.

Windows 7

Windows 7 integral 32/64

System : 32/64
Language : Multilingual
Cut : 3,9 Go

The 8 avril 2010, the operating system exceeds the bar 10 % market share in 5 months while Windows Vista had to wait 16 months to achieve the same sales score.

Install with CD / DVD

  1. Download the image from the installation CD
  2. Burn the image of the installation CD
  3. Installer

Install with a USB stick

  1. Download Rufus
  2. insert a minimum USB key 4 Go .
  3. launch the application and choose your iso image.
  4. Create the bootable key.
  5. Start the pc on your USB key.

How to activate Windows 7?

  1. Disable the antivirus (Windows defender) or create an exception .
  2. Download Windows Activator 7
  3. launch Windows loader and click on install.
Windows loader

Complete Tutorial


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